Let’s face it: the internet is run by readers like you and blogs much like this one. There are many different types of user-generated content that also accompany said blogs. But have you ever heard of spammy comments? Yep, they’re real, and they will hurt you.

What Are Spam Comments and How do They Work?

The comment is left on one of your blog posts, and often times it’s riddled with low-quality writing with a slew of keywords in tow. Sometimes, the comments even have links pointing back to even lower-quality websites. Google sees the horrible content on your page as part of your website. And then, you’re linking out to a bunch of questionable content to boot.


The quickest fix is to turn off comments altogether. There’s  a reason we don’t allow ’em around here. If you want user engagement to take place on your site, however, keep them on but make sure you’re monitoring them closely. Until next time…

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