When most people contact us about helping them increase their website traffic they expect solutions like link-building, search engine optimization, and content revision. These are all great ways to build traffic and we do tend to focus on them. Because of this, website owners are often surprised when we suggest that they instead spend some time and money doing it “the old-fashioned way.”

What I mean is using methods that are touchable instead of digital: print pieces.

Here are a few old fashioned ways to get your website in your possible customers hands.

  • Print your web address on your business card
  • Put it on your letterhead/stationary
  • Post flyers around town
  • Send it on a postcard
  • Include it on your invoices
  • Put it in the newspaper
  • Advertise it over the radio or on television

Remember, these methods are still around because they’ve worked in the past and continue to work for companies all over the world today.

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