Website traffic generation is often thought of as the Holy Grail of the Internet.  Fortunately, there’s no secret to getting website traffic.  It’s just a matter of following a tight set of rules and making sure that you’re not doing anything to annoy Google.

In a nutshell, here’s how to please Google…

Develop a site with great content.  Link your pages together in a logical manner that helps Google to understand what you want to place importance upon.  Find other sites to link to your site.  And keep your content fresh.

Does any of that sound like a mysterious secret?  Nope.  If people you’ve been talking with have told you that getting more traffic from Google is something that only they know how to do, run the other way.  It’s like the Wizard of Oz.  Pull back the curtain and expose their not-so-glorious tactics.  I guarantee, anyone who’s getting great results from their search engine optimization campaign is using the simple tactics outlined above.  Getting website traffic doesn’t have to be mysterious.  I think that there are a lot of companies that want to keep it mysterious in order to prevent their businesses from being exposed.

We know that there’s nothing that requires an advanced degree in order to rank your site.  However, it does require a ton of leg-work.  It also requires a level of attention to detail that most people lack.  Basically, it’s not a lot of fun.  It’s tedious.  It’s definitely brain work but it’s not rocket science.

If you want to get more traffic for less money, consider using SEO instead of traditional online advertising.  Pay-per-click, banner ads, even sponsorships are costly.  Search engine optimization has been proven time and time again to provide the highest ROI compared to other forms of marketing.  Google, Bing and Yahoo are all dominant factors in the website traffic game and choosing to go with other forms of traffic generation can be a costly mistake.  To discover more, stay tuned all month as we explore the topic in more depth.

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