Not all website traffic is created the same.  Just getting thousands of people to hit your site every day won’t do you any good if you’re attracting the wrong kind of people.  For instance, how may pairs of diamond earrings do you think you’ll sell if you get 10,000 teenage boys to your site every day?

You need to get the right kind of traffic.  Paid traffic is a very popular source of traffic these days, however, it can deliver the wrong kind of prospect too, if not done correctly.  Here’s another example…

You sell diamond earrings, really expensive ones.  Even if you get men to your site who are looking to buy diamond earrings for their anniversary, you still have the wrong audience if only 1 out of every 1000 can afford them.  If you paid Google for each click, you essentially paid for 999 visitors that were not your target market.  You need to figure out a way to get better traffic so that all 1000 visitors are men who are looking to buy really expensive earrings.  So how can you assure that you get better traffic with your pay-per-click ads?  It’s easy.  Qualify the prospects with your ad.  If your ad says “Diamond Earrings from $3999” only those that could afford them would click on the ad.  That way you don’t pay to get unqualified traffic to your site.

Hope that helps.

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