When looking at website traffic, one of the most important things to consider is what people are using to visit your site. We at Red Rocket follow this as close as we can because it affects the testing of the site and sometimes even the content. For example, take a look below at the traffic stats for w3schools.com:


It’s interesting to see how many people are visiting this site from each one of these major browsers. But, as it is with website traffic, you need to understand your viewer base to get a better understanding of what this info means. W3schools is a website that helps people learn all different kinds of scripting languages. As such, they often attract people who are more up to date with technology and current browsers.

So what does this mean for you? Let’s say you own a labeling website. The viewers that you have on your website are going to be more spread out and not as technologically savvy. This means that they will probably have Internet Explorer installed as their browser rather than Firefox. This changes the coding applications and even how we get the website ranked. It’s always important to keep website traffic statistics in mind!

Still confused? No worries, we here at Red Rocket always make sure to study your website traffic and make sure we get your content out to everyone you want to reach. Just contact Red Rocket today to get started!

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