In this tough, brutal economy, everyone is trying their hardest to come up with ways to drive more traffic. And this innevitably brings up the buzz word SEO. Unfortunately, it often gets thrown around without anyone really knowing the best practices to get your website ranked better. Fortunately, your friends here at Red Rocket Media Group don’t just talk the talk: we have the expertise to achieve better pagerank.

Below are a few examples shown with our recent SEO work with Fox Run.

External link (anchor) text is one the most important factors. External link text is the link text that you use to connect your pages. This is important due to the fact that it tells Google “this is what the page I’m linking to is about.” The phrase we wanted Fox Run to rank better for Homes For Sale Greeley is therefore put as the link text to the Fox Run website. This tells Google that Fox Run should be a reliable source for people looking for homes for sale in Greeley. More links leading to the same page from different sources with this phrase will reinforce the message that Fox Run sells houses in Greeley.

Keyword position needs to be “high” on the page. Search engines like pages where keywords appear “high” on the page. In other words, they like to find the target keyword towards the top of the code for the page. To accommodate search engines, you use your target keywords for your page headline, if possible. For instance, notice how the post Homes For Sale Greeley has three instances of the phrase towards the top of the page (and subsequently towards the top of the code).

Keeping up to date on the current ranking trends is a big part of what we do here at Red Rocket Media Group. Contact us soon to help with all your SEO needs.

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