Active Angler

SEO company Case Study #3:

What if your site had millions of visitors? has millions of visitors because of our this SEO company ‘s 106-point strategy.

Red Rocket had the opportunity to build from the ground up, so we scoured the world for talented professional fishermen who would be willing to share their advice. With the help of 75 of the world’s most well respected fishermen, this site has now grown to more than 1,000 pages and has commanded millions of visits every year since it was launched in 2001.

“If you’re into fishing like I am, then this site is the next best thing to actually fishing. I go there on my lunch hour everyday just to read the latest fishing articles, product reviews, or fishing reports.”

– Alexa Website Review

Low Traffic
Low Search Engine Rankings

redesign site to:
• Improve the appearance of the site
• Increase time spent on site

Optimize Site To
• Increase Google rankings
• Increase traffic
• Increase reach into new markets

The ultimate goal of the site was to attract large amounts of traffic and keep the users at the site for an extended amount of time. By positioning ActiveAngler as one of the best fishing sites on the Web, not only do we attract millions of visits every year, but we also keep visitors at the site 3x as long as our competitors’ sites. Today, is the 13th most-popular fishing site on the Web.

How did we accomplish this? First, we built a site optimized for search engines which attracts visitors to the site without the use of any expensive marketing. Secondly, we were able to get people to stay at the site by providing fast-loading pages and great content that’s easy to find through clean drop-down menus.

On the right you’ll find a bar chart showing the growth of ActiveAngler’s traffic from 2005 and 2009. Notice that the amount of visitors has exceeded 1 million visitors for several years. We have been able to build traffic even through the winter months when the fishing industry is typically slow.

How do we continue this sort of growth? The answer is search engines.

Many Web development firms continue to ignore the importance of search engines. Because 86% of all Internet users find sites they are looking for through a search engine, Red Rocket has made being an seo company a top priority in addition to website design and internet marketing.

When a search comes back, providing thousands of results ranked by relevance, the sites not listed toward the top of the search results, are the sites that are rarely visited. That’s why we focus on creating sites that are consistently ranked high in the major search engines by employing a variety of relatively unknown techniques to assure that our sites are found. If they’re found, that means traffic to the sites and, ideally, increased sales.

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