Flat website design is quite simply design that has no textures, drop shadows, gradients or dimensions that assist images and graphics to pop off the page.  Instead, solid colors, shapes and typography are used to create a more simplistic consolidated design.

This flat style design is a pure form of design that is quite simple and impactful.  One benefit is the quick load times since most of the color boxes and text are color fills and code can be used to make this happen.  The flat style design is important because it places more emphasis on content allowing and less on the graphics or images.

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Financial Check-Up

  Time really flies.  We’re already almost halfway through 2013 – so now’s the time for a financial check-up to review the financial health of your business.  First, be sure all of your income and expenses have been accounted for and recorded correctly on your books.  Then, review your actual revenue and net profit and compare […]