Using imagery in a website design is a great way to gain the focus of your audience instantly. Large imagery that fills the screen can be even more striking.  Huge screen resolutions, and high-speed internet allow designers to use full page photography to create stunning websites.a

Whether displayed on your home page or gallery page, images can help your viewers get excited about what else is on your website.  And appealing to people’s senses works because it is how we see the world through our own eyes.  If you can put someone in a particular place they often times will feel more comfortable with you or your service.

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Website Design Trends – 2. Vector Icons

Vector icons are graphics that can be resized without losing any quality.  They can scale to as large as you want or as small as long as they are clearly read. This is a popular format for logos and graphics that may need to be resized on a regular basis. Icons that are vectorized can […]