Most sites are designed by one or two people.  Usually, a graphic designer makes the look of the site and then they build it out using any number of software packages.  However, that’s like building a house using just one person.  Sure, it can be done, but ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it takes other experts to do the job right.  Just like a house requires the skills of a cement crew to pour the foundation, a framing crew, a plumber, an electrician, a drywaller, a roofer and more, a web site requires more than one person to do the job right.  If you’re wanting a site that is not only found in the search engines, but also looks great, and packs a punch when you read it, you’re going to need multiple experts to complete the job.

Generally, to do the job right, it takes a designer to create the look of the site, a programmer to build it, a writer to craft the copy and an SEO expert to promote it in the search engines.  Miss just one piece of the puzzle and the whole thing can fall apart.  Without the right copy, the best looking high traffic site will still fail to make any sales.  Or skimp on the SEO portion and your beautuful new site may never see any real traffic.  It all works together and without every part, the machine won’t run.

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