Are you looking for help with your website design in Greeley?  Unlike other cities, Greeley isn’t overpopulated with website designers.  Some cities of similar size can have more than a hundred companies to turn to for website design, Greeley has relatively few.  And by a few, I mean I can count on one hand the number of website designers in Greeley.  It’s strange.   I’m not sure what has lead to this.   But I do know that the market for website design in Greeley is underserved.  Your options are limited.

If you’re looking for a website design in the Greeley area, here are some things to consider:

How many years has the company been in business?  This seems like an obvious question but in this slow economy, this question has become even more important.  Businesses are dropping off the map like never before.  Stores are shutting their doors.  Going out of business banners are hanging in many of the shops in the Greeley Mall.  That may mean that you can get a good deal on a new pair of shoes if you can take advantage of a sale, but what does this economy mean for you when choosing a new partner, like your website designer?  Imagine where you’d be if your new website design company in Greeley went under.  Most people would be helpless, not knowing where their site is hosted, why their email is no longer working or even who to call to get it back up.  This is a real problem that many people in Greeley are facing right now in light of recent closures.  But the companies that chose to go with a reputable, established agency are secure knowing that their sites and their email are in tact.

With more than 98% of small businesses going under within 5 years of start-up, why risk your company’s future just to save a couple bucks?   It’s not worth it, and in the long run, the money spent trying to recover the losses can be astronomical.

So what else should you look for when finding a website design company in Greeley?  How about the level of sophistication needed to complete your job?  Are you looking for your first website and it’s just a small site that is a couple pages?  That’s the kind of site that can easily be handled by a one-man shop.  It’s like hiring a handyman to help build a small shed out in your backyard.  But if you were needing a custom home built in Greeley, wouldn’t you want to find someone who could handle a task of that scale?  I doubt if you’d hire the same handyman to build your custom home.  For a job of that scale, you’d want to hire a company that has an electrician and a plumber and a framer and a concrete crew and a roofing crew.  You’d never expect one man to be able to do all of those things, at least not well.  The same is true for website design.  If you’re wanting a website design for your business and you want all of Greeley to hit your site, then you need a site that’s designed by a graphic designer, written by a copy writer, programmed by a real programmer and marketed by someone with Internet marketing experience.  One person just can’t be expected to do all of those things well.  It’s just too much.  Each one is a specialty and if your Greeley business depends on your website design, then you have to consider whether or not your website design company can really handle the whole task or whether they’re really just qualified to handle one small part of it.

If you’d like to get to know the Red Rocket staff better and learn about each of our individual specialties, please give us a call today at 970-674-0079.

Chadd Bryant

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