Website design in Greeley was the topic for a blog post I wrote on Saturday.  Today that blog post is listed on page 2 on Google when you search for things related to websites or website design in Greeley.

That one little blog post and it skyrocketed past the other 253,000 websites that talk about topics related to website design.  Why is that?  How is it that the 253,000 other sites that are listed for “website design in Greeley” are stuck in their lame position while my short post bypassed all of them within 2 days?

It’s simple.  It’s called SEO.  If you’re not familiar with the term, SEO is short for search engine optimization.  That’s just the process of developing a site that’s designed to appeal to Google.  They like to see certain things in a website.  If you do those things, you’ll be rewarded with higher rankings.  It’s that simple.

So why was my blog post that talked about “website design in Greeley” bumped up so high in just a day or two?  First of all, in order to get your pages ranked that quickly, you have to update your content frequently.  If Google checks out your website and sees that nothing has changed since the last visit 30 days ago, then they’ll check back next month.  If, on the other hand, there are 3 new articles about your Greeley business, the’ll go, “Whoa.  We need to check this out sooner next time.”  And they’ll probably check out your site again in a couple weeks.  If this time you have 4 new pages designed on your website that are talking about Greeley and your business in Greeley, they’ll really start checking your website for updates all the time.

Once you establish that you always have new content on your website, they’ll literally visit your website every couple hours looking for new stuff.  They love new content and the sites that give it to them are rewarded.

Now that’s just one aspect of getting your website ranked higher in Google.  I can’t cover all of the tips right here in this post but check back and we’ll keep covering other tips for getting your website design improved so that your Greeley business soars above your competition.

Interested in talking more about your website design and how Red Rocket Media Group can help promote it on Google, give us a call at 970-674-0079 so we can sit down and enjoy a mocha together.  Here’s to the success of your business!

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