Website design in Greeley…Frankly it’s never gone gangbusters compared with Fort Collins or Denver.  While the Internet, e-commerce, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and Google are the topic of many conversations over in Windsor or Fort Collins, I notice that here in Greeley, business owners are still skeptical of the Internet and its power.  Now it’s not like we haven’t done a lot of website design in Greeley.   In fact Flood and Peterson’s website is one that I’m most proud of.  So why do you think that most small businesses in Greeley are still attracted to other forms of marketing like print advertising and direct mail?  I’m not really sure.

As the owner of a full-service marketing agency, I love print advertising and direct mail.  Don’t think that I don’t think they’re fantastic.  I’m passionate about just about every type of marketing as long as it provides results for my clients.  But that’s why I’m puzzled about the reaction I get when discussing the advantages of website design with my clients in Greeley.

Let’s hit on a couple of the most important reasons.  First of all, it’s global.  Sure you might have a small local Greeley business with roots in the community that go back farther that Horace Greeley’s roots.  But in tough economic times like these, consider whether or not it’s smart to expand your reach beyond Greeley with a new website design.  It’s akin to taking out a large phone book ad in every single yellow pages book between here and New York.  That would cost a fortune.  On the other hand, if your site is listed at the top of Google when your potential customer searches for you products or services, you’ll likely get the call and for a lot less money.  That kind of exposure is phenomenal, yet realistic.

Another reason why website design is so vital to your Greeley business is because the Internet is only going to grow from here.  I don’t know of anyone who would bet that the Internet has seen its hayday and that it’s only going to shrink from here.  Not so.  The Internet is expanding rapidly and those who don’t embrace it are going to fail.

Have you ever read the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?”  If you haven’t I recommend it.  You can finish in in an evening but it’s powerful.  It’s about a couple mice that live in a maze.  They find cheese in the same spot everyday.  Then one day the cheese isn’t there.  One of the mice goes looking in new places for the cheese and finds a stockpile greater than he’d ever seen before.  He adapted and prospered.  The other mouse just kept returning to the same spot where the cheese once sat and never found another bite.  To me, embracing the Internet is a lot like seeking out a new place to find your cheese.  Times are changing rapidly and the ways that we did business even 10 years ago aren’t working like they used to.  We need to adapt.  And that’s why Red Rocket Media Group is dedicated to monitoring the latest trends in marketing.  If that means the Internet and website design, great.  If something else leads us to better ways to market our clients’ businesses next year, then we’ll look into it.  But you can be assured that your business will never be used like a mouse in a laboratory.  Every marketing tactic that we recommend has been tested first in our own laboratory for effectiveness.  We never test new tactics on our clients.  First we subject our methods to clinical study to assure that they work.

So here’s to your local Greeley business.  May this rough year be your biggest opportunity for growth.  Remember more millionaires are made in recessions than in any other time.  Go for it.  If you’d like to sit down and discuss how Red Rocket can help your Greeley business succeed with powerful website design, please give us a call at 970-674-0079.

Chadd Bryant

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