Web marketing has become increasingly popular as more and more people have recognized the benefits of using the Internet as their primary marketing vehicle.  Sure, some people still don’t understand how to leverage the web for their businesses but those who do, are seeing a dramatic change in the way things are done.  Let’s face it, things have changed.  The old way of doing things just doesn’t make sense any longer.  Phone book and newspaper-advertising used to be a main staple of most marketing plans but growing numbers of people are turning to the web as their main source of information.

Every week, I hear at least one person tell me that they’re not renewing their annual contract with the yellow pages.  I always tell people to fish where the fish are at.  If your customers are turning to the yellow pages first, then you should still be advertising there.  However, if your customers are like most, they’re turning to Google.  So fish where the fish are at.  You have to be using Google as your primary marketing vehicle if your customers are looking for you on Google.

As a result, your web marketing plan should utilize a combination of online and offline tactics, but all of your marketing efforts should ultimately drive traffic to your website.  Whether you’re designing a postcard campaign or a magazine ad, think about using them to drive traffic to your site.  It’s very expensive to tell your whole story to your customers though a full-page ad in the newspaper but you can tell the story through your website without the contract and high price tag of an advertisement.  This year, use your website as your main marketing vehicle and you’re likely to see positive results.

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