Sometimes, in the course of trying to put together a web marketing effort, a company looks for someone to take over SEO efforts. However, there are many factors that the company can do that will not only make the SEO efforts null, it can also take the website rankings down a notch. So, let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that can damage rankings, even as a company such as Red Rocket is attempting to improve them.

It is common knowledge that search engine rankings are determined by a very long and thought out formula created by the search engines. One of the major errors that a company can make in choosing a web marketing company is that an increase in rankings can be done without any change in visual content. It is a site’s content (it’s text and it’s images) that allow search engines to determine what your site is about. Trying to fix a website’s rankings without fixing content is like trying to fix a bike without any tools. This is why many times Flash websites do not have good rankings. They technically don’t have any content for a search engine to search through. That leads into the next mistake: trying to update the website content without consulting the search engine optimization company. Exactly BECAUSE content is so important, it can happen that when the content is changed without thinking about SEO, rankings can be damaged.

It’s not just the content, however, that can effect website rankings. Don’t get me wrong; linking to your favorite websites might be a good thing for relations and it’s always great to share the love of wonderful websites. However, unfortunately, inbound and outbound links generally count as “votes” for websites. It works like this: inbound links are a “vote” for your website, while outbound links are your “vote” for other websites. What makes this troublesome is that if you are saying that you want to vote for a specific website, and then that website becomes penalized (ranking-wise), you can also be penalized for their mistake.

That’s why it’s always a great idea to come to a well-experienced company such as Red Rocket for all of your web marketing needs. We can take your website and make sure to update all of these SEO efforts and help to maintain these in the future! Contact us today!

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