Wouldn’t it be neat to have a time machine and travel into the future and surf the web? Think of all the super cool web design 3.0 trends that you’d pick up. What would the popular font of the day be? What would the hot new color trends be? Would there be a sudden resurgence of bevel and emboss in an attempt to appear ‘retro’?

But alas, there is no such device that can transport us into that futuristic time. There are however a few keen observations offers by some current savvy web designers. One of the things I came across was a discussion on how our OS can have an impact on are web design decisions.

For instance, the argument is made that since people look at their screens on a daily basis and interact with their computers which in turn begins to form a set of expectations from users – if I see something that looks like a real-world dial, I expect to be able to click and drag it and interact with it as though it were real. Or, as in the case of Windows 8, if confronted with a page of large, colorful blocks, I will know these are active links.

The style you decide to go for on your next website will be determined by 2 things:
1. Your Brand’s personality. One of these two styles is going to feel more ‘right’ for your brand. Your Brand’s personality and style is the most important factor, it should come before personal preference!
2. Your Preference. Which of these appeals to you more?

I think there is some validity to that argument.  At any rate, until my Tardis is built, all one can do when it comes to web design is try and stay fresh and avoid blindly following the pack.

If you are interested in the above mentioned article, go here.

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