The art of sketching is, in my opinion, a dying art. Seems like web design ideas used to come from a sketch pad or a notebook or a napkin. Then those loose, yet functional, concepts would be fleshed out in greater detail in the computer.But all to often I see people going straight to the computer to work up an idea for a web design.

Well, I say why not pick up the old pencil again and see what you can do on paper before going to the computer. You might surprise yourself. Sure, it won’t be perfect and it may not even be pretty but it will help you to think in a more creative way. To that end I stumbled across a very cool website with a very cool sketchbook that I could see using on a daily basis. Its called the XYZ NOTE and it’s found at

(HINT: click on projects  then click on the 2nds round checkered circle).

Check it out. You never know. It may help you create the coolest web design ever!

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