You hear it everywhere nowadays. Facebook this, Twitter that, and check in on FourSquare.  It almost seems, as a company, you have to join these platforms, just to say you have a presence. However, many of these accounts lay dormant, or are used for inane conversation and then moved aside for “money-making”. Here at Red Rocket, we believe that Social Media can be a huge boost to your bottom line, not just a side hobby. It can sell, interact with clients, build a group base, inspire repeat customers, and even provide a venue for critical feedback. All important, and all can help a business grow and improve. But how do you start?

One of the best places to start is to re-evaluate the previous methods of communication, and determining what is lacking, or (dare I say it) unnecessary. For specific types of companies, it has been found that the old methods of fax, phone and snail mail may not be the greatest use of effort. So when this realization happens, why would these new Social Media sites help?

To display the greatness, let’s discuss a wonderful product that seems about as far from the electronic world as could be: Pineapples. Joe Craggs, the sales and marketing manager for King of Fruit, the Queensland grower-owned distributor, wanted to be able to get customers to realize that pineapples could be bought outside of the summer months. So, he looked into the way people talked about pineapples on all sorts of social media websites, whether it be good or bad. Once they looked at the results, they then put forward a campaign to involve the community in creating pineapple recipes.  The greatness of this campaign is that it doesn’t push the product on people, it engages the customers and creates a positive vibe around the product and the company.

Red Rocket, in it’s wisdom, has a Social Media Expert on staff, who monitors the electronic noise to try and improve all of our clients interaction with clients. Contact us today to see how Red Rocket can work for you!

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