Now that summer is here, many employees will start to consider their vacation plans.  Paid vacation time is a great benefit to offer to employees – it helps them to rest and recharge and reduces burnout.  But, it’s important to make sure your vacation policy is clear, so your business still runs smoothly while your employees are enjoying their time off. Your vacation policy should be included in your employee handbook. This is where you should explain how vacation him is accrued and whether the time can be carried over from year to year.  You should also make it easy for employees to see how much vacation time they have accrued, so they can plan their time off accordingly.  Including this information on pay stubs is a great way to accomplish this. Your employee handbook should also include information on when and how to request time off.  If there is a clear expectation that all vacation requests be made at least two weeks in advance, for instance, you will have plenty of time to reallocate your resources while someone is away. Creating a clear vacation policy will ensure that you and your employees will have a great summer.

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