I bet you wonder what was happening.  We have not posted a blog in at least 30 minutes.  We’ve been playing with short sweet blog posts to see if we can break into the top postions just through blogging but it’s proving to be a competitive race to the top.  Obviously, the sites that are in the top positions have a good reputation and carry a decent amount of authority.  Sometimes we’re able to just blog about something like “vacation rentals in Ellicottville” and easily rank at the top.  Other times, it takes a little more work.  This one is looking like it just might require more than a few blog posts.  Maybe some links and a couple social media posts will do the trick.  We’ll see.

Oh, I just had Adrian make a couple changes to our SEO plugin in WordPress to see if that helps improve the results.  I think that will help because the titles are less diluted now.

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The last post went up 30 seconds ago and it’s already found on Google.

Check it out.  If you search Google for the first sentence of my last post about vacation rentals in Ellicottville, you'll see that it's already in their database.  Many sites post new content and have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for Google to come read through it and then add it to their database.  […]