If you’ve been wondering why we’ve been writing about vacation rentals in Ellicottville, you’re not alone.  Why would Red Rocket Media Group write about a town in upstate New York when we’re in the web development business?  Because we’re conducting a little experiment.  How quickly can we rank on Google for that phrase?  So far, we’ve written a few posts and we’ve climbed up to #40 or so out of 29,000 other sites.  Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

So just to use that phase one more time, we’re optimizing for “vacation rentals in Ellicottville.”

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Ellicottville: The Vacation Spot for You

As more and more people are looking to escape from the chaos of their everyday lives, many New Yorkers are finding respite in Ellicottville, near Buffalo.  The historic feeling of the community is evident in the architecture and the friendly people welcome visitors from Pittsburg, Buffalo, Boston, New York City and beyond. Vacation rentals in […]