No matter what company you work for,  an SEO company in Fort Collins, manufacturing or office type business,  good management will always ask why or how to solve a problem.

The person who knows how will always have a job.  The person who knows why will always be his boss.

After Thomas Edison’s  fame had become international, he was advised to have scientist come to his lab and help him understand just why some of his inventions had worked.  Edison didn’t see much use for it, but being open minded, he consented to the idea.  As a result, a brilliant research scientist from Germany came to his lab to explain to him the principles behind some of his innovations.

Edison handed the man a globe that had been twisted into a gourd-like shape and said, “Give me the cubic content of this”

Weeks passed, and eventually, Edison sought out the man to ask him why he hadn’t replied. The scientist began to give him a lengthy explanation about the difficulties of solving such a problem with higher mathematics. Edison then picked up the globe, took it over to a nearby sink, and filled it with water. He poured the water into a measuring tube, and holding up the tube he said “This is the cubic content”

The solutions to most problems are probably far simpler than we think they might be.  They usually stem from understanding basic principles: the whys of life.





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