Everyone knows that a craftsman is most often only as good as his tools and the same can be said for website design. Of course just like a craftsmen, every person who crafts web design has their own favorite tools for the job. Some tools though prove to be invaluable almost like always needing a good hammer or a straight level. So i thought perhaps I’d list some tools that I keep in the toolbox here at Red Rocket;  not to say ‘You should use these too’ but more of a ‘Here’s what tends to work for me’.

At the top of the list:
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Yep that’s right. Illustrator for web design. There are some simple and in my opinion, very intuitive things that Illustrator does that I love to use when it comes to  website design. One of the neat things it does is allow you to set up a working grid system which can really keep things orderly. And of course Photoshop works wonderful with anything from doing a full blown website design to just graphical elements such as buttons and the like.

Typesetter is a cool online type setting tool for comparing different fonts live on screen in the browser. and speaking of type

Google fonts.
What can i say. Do a search play around you’ll love it!

Stuck on color and need a boost? Interested in color trending? This is the place.

Again another Adobe product and a very cool way to check your site in multiple browsers.

So there are a few of my favorite tools that I use everyday when doing website design.
Keep it creative!

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