Are you looking for a way to increase your website traffic but you’re anxious because the clock is ticking in this rough economy?  Have you considered pay-per-click advertising?  Did you know that you can get it set up and begin getting traffic in the next 15 minutes?  It’s pretty awesome.

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to and register for their Adwords program.  That’s the ad program where advertisers have their small ads placed in the Google search results at the top of the page and down the right-hand side of the page.  Those same ads are also placed on millions of other websites that are related to your topic.  If you’re selling car parts, your ad will appear when someone searches Google for auto parts, or for wiper blades or any other phrase that you choose.  The ads will also appear on car-related sites.  That helps the people who click on the ads to convert into sales because they are pre-qualified in a way, because they were either searching for your topic, or they were visiting a site that’s related to your topic.

So once you’ve set up an Adwords account, you’ll need to determine the list of words that you think are related to your product or service.  You can list thousands of words if you want to.  If you sell thousands of auto parts, you can even upload your product database into Google and people who are searching for any of your specific products will be presented with your ads.

Now, here’s the cool part…You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.  Thousands of people can see your ad everyday but if only 5 people click on the ad, you only pay for 5 visitors.  There are so many benefits.  You have no contracts.  You can quit at any time.  You can determine how much you want to pay and you have access to the whole world.  But if you just want to advertise your local business to people in your town, you can do that too.  It’s the most flexible form of advertising around.

Now back to the account set up.  You’ll next need to write your ads.  They have to be short and sweet so figure out what you need to do in order to communicate your message in just a few words.

Finally, you’ll need to determine how much you can afford.  Enter your credit card number and your ads will start to appear in minutes.  Sit back and watch the traffic start rolling into your site.

To discover more about Adwords and how to make sure your campaigns perform at their peak, feel free to request our free report, Top Google Adwords Mistakes Revealed.  In this report I outline the top mistakes that people make and ways to avoid losing money.  This report can save you thousands of lost dollars so be sure to check it out BEFORE you set up your account.

Hope that helps…

Chadd Bryant

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