Time is money. Customers are very demanding today and at times inpatient. Customers do not want to wait for long periods of time. When a customer orders a product or service from a web site the customers wants the product or service the next day or sometimes the same day shipped to them. That is the word we live in today with the internet and web sites.

At Red Rocket, we are very concerned about customers. To be on time and save the customers money is our main goal at Red Rocket. Internally we have meeting management using TQM tools, Total Quality Management, which reduces time wasted and to be more efficient

When Red Rocket has meetings with customers are meeting minute notes are very detailed and documented with exact times so customers will get an exact commitment from us on what is needed. When people surf websites, there are many websites to choose from so it is important that once you get a customer, you deliver on time.

Our Goal at Red Rocket is to meet or exceed customers expectations. Time is money and to waste time is to waste money.

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