Check it out.  If you search Google for the first sentence of my last post about vacation rentals in Ellicottville, you’ll see that it’s already in their database.  Many sites post new content and have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for Google to come read through it and then add it to their database.  But when you do things to please Google, they’ll show you favor and will pick up your new content almost instantly.

None of this is rocket science.  It’s just a matter of actually following a tight set of rules to the letter.  So this blog post experiment is just to see if the length of the previous post affects the time to spider the page or not,  Plus, does a longer post have anything to do with whether or not the post itself has more link juice to pass along.  The answer seems obvious.  No.  Link juice doesn’t come from the length of the copy, but I suspect that a very small portion of the equation contains some association to the length of the copy.  After all, text to code plays a role in the overall rankings so maybe the length of the post has something to do with the amount of link juice available to pass along.

I’m sorry if I seem to be rambling.  The point of this post is not about the content itself.  It’s more about the length of the post.  So if you’re bored and think that this post is annoying, move on.  We’ve written some very informative posts over the past few years so feel free to visit to dig through our archives.   You’ll find posts that deal with search engine optimization, internet marketing, seo in Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland.

We’ve been helping a lot of our clients with their blogs recently as more and more people are catching on to the blogging band wagon so the speak.  They’ve come to realize that although blogging can take some time, the impact that it can have on your business can be significant.  The ones who have us install a blog and then they are diligent about blogging tend to see the rewards for their efforts.  Those who have a blog that sits there silent are not rewarded.  Yes, I’m still rambling.  Remember it’s just about length in this experiment.

What is a blog?  It’s a place where you can post your thoughts.  It started out as a contraction for the words “web” and “log.”  Eventually those words were pushed together and were shortened down to just “blog.”  After people began to see the positive effects from blogging, the word actually became an acronym for Better Listings On Google.  Google actually likes blogs that much.  That’s why I’m rambling on right now.  Of course, there’s little reason to ramble on like I am, but remember this is an experiement.  That’s all.  So I’m gonna post this right now and we’ll see if there are any positive results in the next 2 minutes.  Here’s goes.

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