Like I said yesterday, you can boil it down in different ways.  We talked about how you have to accomplish these three things in order to have a successful website:

  1. You have to get people to visit your website
  2. Then you have to get them to stay there long enough to sell them your product or service
  3. Finally you have to get them to come back again in the future.

All true, bet here’s another, even easier way to look at online success…

You have to get highly qualified traffic to your site, and then you have to convert them into a sale.

While that sounds pretty simple, let’s look at each element and discover what’s really involved in each seemingly simple step.

First, the part about getting highly qualified traffic to the site.  Building traffic can be difficult, but making sure that they are the type of person who is likely to buy from you is another task.  You can get thousands of people to your site, but if they’re not interested in your offering, then you’ll never make a dime.

So how do you get qualified traffic to your site?

Focus your site on a specific topic and make sure that it’s highly organized.  As long as your site is filled with information that’s specifically about your product or service offering, people who are searching the Web for what you sell, are likely to not only find your site, they’re more likely to buy from you because they are actively seeking out your offering.  Another way to get highly qualified traffic is to pay for advertisements that either appear in the search engines when people search for phrases related to your company, or to purchase ads on other websites that talk about similar things to your site.  If you’re selling cooking gadgets, place ads on cooking or recipe websites.  That’s qualified traffic.  Put the ads on a sports website and you’re less likely to sell anything.

So how do you create a site that converts visitors into customers?

That’s a pretty big question.  We’ll get into that one tomorrow.  Until then…

Chadd Bryant

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