If your business is in a very competitive industry, it may be a very rough road to propell your site to the top of the seach engines.  Take for instance, the mortgage industry.  That’s a cutthroat industry where the sites that are at the top of the search engines will fight you tooth and nail to maintain their positions.  But think of the money that can be made if you can get to the top of the search engines for a phrase like “mortgages” or “refinance.”  Since that can be a nearly impossible game to play, it’s better to shoot for less competitive terms like “Mortgages in Fort Collins.”  That takes you out of the competitive race with all of the other mortgage brokers in the world so you’re just competing against the guys in Fort Collins.  That’s a much easier race to win.  Look at it like this.  Would you rather run a marathon in the world championships or in a local race.  You might actually stand a chance of winning the local race.

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