Staying organized can be vital to your day-to-day productivity, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork.  Here are some ways I’ve found to help me stay organized and productive:

  1. Plan Ahead – Before you leave for the day, review your calendar and create a to-do list for the following day. This way, when you return to the office in the morning, you can immediately get started on what needs to be done, as opposed to figuring out what you need to work on.
  2. De-clutter – Keep all your paperwork in one in-box and keep everything you need to file in one place.  Go through your in-box daily and do your filing when you can.  The worst thing you can do is have multiple piles of paper on your desk.  That pretty much guarantees that something will be missed.
  3. Keep it simple – The simpler you keep your filing system, the better.  If you get too complicated you’ll spend time wondering, “Did I file that report in the taxes folder, or the payroll folder, or the 2012 folder, or the important reports folder, or the CPA folder?” And on and on.
  4. Keep your office clean and decorate it with personal items – You’ll be more productive in a clean environment where you feel comfortable.
  5. Buy a real plant – A plant in your office serves many purposes.  It enhances mood, helps with learning and memory and leafy plants actually can work as air filters, removing harmful bacteria from the air.   If you’re feeling happy and healthy, you can’t help but be more productive.
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