Over the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about “spring cleaning” financials and human resources. The last bit of spring cleaning you should do is a general office sweep:

1.  Take stock of your office supplies and equipment and determine what will need to be replaced prior to the end of the year.  Then be sure to add an estimate for the cost of these items to your budget.

2.  Meet with your insurance agent to review your insurance policies and determine if you still have adequate coverage. If you need to purchase additional coverage include this expense in your budget.

3. In Colorado, it is important to make sure your company is always in good standing with the state.  This is accomplished by submitting a report once a year through the Secretary of State’s website.  You can easily double-check that your business is in good standing by visiting the site and searching by company name. If you have a trade name, you can also double-check that it has been properly renewed on the same site.

4. Spring is also a good time to tour your property and make a list of items that can be repaired or improved and send it to your property manager. Or, if you own the property, add the items to your own to-do list.

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