In last week’s post, we talked about reviewing and cleaning up your financials.  This week we’ll talk about “spring cleaning” for human resources.  If you haven’t done so already, update state and federal labor law posters for 2013. Review and re-familiarize yourself with the employee handbook and make note of any areas that should be updated.  Verify that you are using the most current version of common forms like the W-9, W-4 and I-9.  You can easily determine the most current version by doing a quick Google search or visiting Make sure you are keeping employee files well-organized and double-check that you have updated address information for any employees that may have moved. Review the benefits currently being offered to your employees and determine if they are still in line with your company’s goals. If you review now and determine that you would like to implement a new benefit at the beginning of next year, like a 401(k) plan for instance, you will have plenty of time to research and prepare before January.

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