Now’s a good time to think about spring cleaning – not only at home, but at the office as well.  This week we’ll talk about reviewing and cleaning up your financials.  A review of all your expenses is a good place to start.  Look at each expense and determine if it is necessary.  Then, explore cheaper alternatives and if you’re paying any fees, call the vendor to see if you can negotiate them down.  You will most likely find many areas where you can save money, so taking time to do a yearly review is definitely worth it. Also, review your client records and update any necessary information, like addresses, contacts, etc.  Close out any old accounts and file them away. If you haven’t done it yet, file away all paperwork and important documents from last year so they don’t get mixed in with work from this year.  If you’ve already filed your taxes, organize and file all supporting documentation so it is easily accessible. Taking the time to do a quick review and clean-up each spring will save you significant time and money the rest of the year.


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