As a website design, social media and SEO company we’re constantly looking at ways to increase our online presence.  This includes posting on our company Facebook page and other social media sites. But how do we deal with social media in the workplace especially since a new law was passed in Colorado last year? We’re careful to separate our company social media accounts from our employees’ personal accounts. This practice is very important.

social_mediaThe Social Media and the Workplace Law (also known as the Facebook Law) took effect in May of 2013.  Basically, the law states that employers cannot ask employees for the passwords to their personal social media accounts or ask them to change the privacy settings on their personal accounts.  Employers also cannot pressure their employees to add anyone, including the employer, to their personal social media accounts.

So, consider creating a company Facebook page or other social media account and have employees contribute posts. It is a great way to increase the online presence of your company while still respecting the privacy of your employees.


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