Today I want to share with you a really simple technique that can help your company rise above your competition. Do you sometimes feel like it’s impossible to reach people by phone these days?   Are you actually surprised when someone picks up the phone?  Or how about email.  Do you often expect to send an email and not hear back until at least tomorrow?

I love to wow people and you’d be surprised how amazed people are when I call them back immediately.  If I step out of my office for a moment and come back to my desk to see that I have a voice mail, I listen to it and call the person back immediately.   They’re blown away!  It’s not so difficult.  They just can’t believe that I returned their call in 5 minutes.  With the lack of responsiveness that we’ve become accustomed to, attentive behavior stands out.  The same is true for email.  People can’t believe it when I fire back an email in 30 seconds.  You should try it.  It takes just as long to make the call now, as it does to make the call tomorrow but it blows their mind.  In addition, I’m likely to catch them since they just called me.  If I wait until tomorrow, they’re likely to be tied up and my call with just go to voice mail and we’ll play telephone tag for a week.  Give it a shot and see how it can change your world and help you stand out from your competition.

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