Are you tired of telling people to visit your landing page for your next teleseminar because the web page address is so horrendously long?  Is it something like http://www.clicks.aweber/user/afes?=lafuygjn52jksdkjlh3425njkjh5?  Wouldn’t it be nice to tell people to go to

If you’ve seen shortened URLs but haven’t yet used them yourself, here’s a great site to get started.

No you don’t need to install anything.  Just set up an account in about 30 seconds.  You just paste in your long URL in the “create snips” tab.  Then put in a word in the “nickname” field.  If you enter your company name as the nickname, your final snipped URL will be  However, once you use a word, you can’t use it again so don’t use up your company name on a test.   Save that nickname for something that you’ll use again and again.  That way you can tell people to visit the snipped URL for years to come, rather than wasting your best nicknames on a one-time event.

Then in the future,  you can look at the “manage snips” tab and see how many people clicked on your links.  It’s a great way to test response rates and test different messages to increase click through rates and increase website traffic.   I hope that helps.

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