SEO with WordPress is similar to optimizing other websites. Those other websites may be strictly just HTML sites or use another content management. The process is the same either way. But in our opinion, it’s a bit easier. The reason that SEO with WordPress is easier than with, let’s say, Drupal or Joomla, is because of how user-friendly WordPress is for our end users. Our end users are our clients who are not web developers. WordPress allows them to continue to optimize their websites even without our help.

So How Does One Perform SEO with WordPress?

SEO with WordPressThe key is not the type of plugins you use, nor is it even the fact that it’s done with WordPress. The configurations of plugins, how you write your content, and knowing which strategies to put in place are what make the difference. Again, WordPress just makes it easy for clients to use their websites and continually improve their SEO without having to know much about development. With a WordPress website, our clients are able to optimize their own content in minutes, and continue to see results on their own as time goes on. It comes down to the quality of the content you write for your readers. If your content provides no value to your readers, why would Google care either?

How do I get started with WordPress SEO?

If you already use a WordPress website, just try out a few of the plugins available from the WordPress Plugin Repository. Write good content and give both your audience and Google something interesting and useful to read. If you can focus on that much, the rest will fall right into place.

If you’re ready to take the next step in making your website stand out on search engines, give us a call. We’d love to show you how SEO with WordPress can help you gain traffic and increase sales!

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