This is a fairly interesting question, and it’s kind of an important one.

There is a ton of speculation that Social Media somehow helps SEO if you get links from Facebook and Twitter.  This question can be answered with four simple words: THESE LINKS ARE WORTHLESS.

As we’ve talked about before, links count as votes for your website. Do you really thing Twitter and Facebook want to vote for your underwater basket weaving website that also has content about other nonsense? Doubtful. Here’s why:

Google counts the number of links you have, as well as how good the links are. When you “vote” for a website (or link to them), you’re telling Google, “I’m vouching for everything they have on this page.” Twitter and Facebook vouching for anyone but themselves? Yeah, right…

That’s why I tell everyone to post blog posts about their topics, not put all their content on their social accounts. It does nothing for your website, and you’re really just helping those sites appear like authorities, if anything. So the next time you hear someone say that links from social sites are good for SEO, run!

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