Last time, we talked about Google’s “Penguin” update. Today, I’ll talking about another one that happened roughly one year earlier: Panda.

This one is pretty straightforward. Google started lowering the rankings of websites that would churn out the worst content imaginable. Imagine if you found someone that didn’t know your language, and paid  them to write content, and lots of it. You would end up with countless pages of obviously paid-for content that provides no value to readers. 1) it’s lame, and you will get punished for trying to scam the search results, and 2) you’re ripping off your readers!  The idea is to provide content that holds actual value for people – imagine if all of our posts had nothing to do with anything, and it just sounded like a bunch of poorly written essays about nonsense with the occasional mention of something like “Fort Collins SEO.” That’s what Panda was intended to combat.

The take away: Don’t write a bunch of baloney and expect it to help you. Write great content; it attracts links from trustworthy sources, and more importantly, it keeps your doors open and your lights on. In other words, if your content is good enough, it will help you make sales!

Stay tuned for more; we’re only getting started.

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