Welcome to the 20th and final installment of What Not to Do for SEO.

This last post on this particular topic is about not keeping up on the latest trends, not testing and just making the time to learn new things when it comes to SEO. What you know works today might become outdated as early as tomorrow. Think about this: Google makes over 300 updates to the algorithm each year. That’s almost one every single day! Why on earth would you try to hang your hat on what worked ten years ago?

The biggest take away I hope that all of my readers will be able to have is understanding that SEO is an ever-growing process, one that you’ll never be able to step away from. We’ve talked about the escalator example. If you’re trying to run up on the down escalator, and just stop, the escalator takes you right back down to the bottom where you started. SEO works exactly the same.

A quick to do list:

  1. Look back at the 19 previous posts in this series and fix all the issues you see with your website
  2. Start blogging all the time (notice how we have blogs almost every day of the week?)
  3. Start getting links from quality websites in your industry
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 forever

Good luck everyone, and stay tuned for the next series!

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