Today, I would like to share some information about readable text in a website.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t really matter what you use for fonts in a website, but unfortunately, Google is still just a robot. It can’t understand any kind of artistic slant or make sense of any aesthetic decisions. For example, we’ve talked a ton about people putting text in images. Google can’t read that. The same applies to text that many pre-built themes are using. The text might look like real words on the page, but Google is treating a lot of these just like they would an image. The technique is called cufon text replacement.

On the surface, it seems pretty harmless, and a lot of these types of replacements look pretty cool. Last year, however, Google made it pretty clear to us that we should be using web fonts instead of  cufon replacement.

This one is pretty easy. Don’t try using unreadable fonts. Use a font that Google understands instead of replacing text using cufon, or Google will replace your number-one ranking with your competitor.

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