Back when Flash was the big thing, everyone wanted to have a super dynamic website to show off what they had to offer. Everything moved and spun around, and really gave some life to websites of the time. Somewhere along the line, this little company named Google decided to start keeping a big record of the internet. But in order to do so, they had to be able to read the words on the page (it’s like we’ve heard this before!) and started punishing websites for what we call Flash abuse.

Flash abuse happens when an entire site is¬†created in flash. What this means you can’t read the words on the page. It’s just as good as having everything locked down in an image that Google can’t read.

If you’re going to have Flash content, make sure to keep it to a minimum. However, it’s best to just stay away from it and use one of the many other fancy ways of making fun stuff happen on your pages!

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