You may have seen someone’s Facebook updates on a business account, and thought, “That’s completely irrelevant.” You’re probably right. Posting about things that do not pertain to your business won’t help you, regardless of how often your posting.

Most people don’t think about search engine optimization when updating their social media accounts. If you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, a catchy update is only half the battle. You only get 140-160 characters on any given site (with the exception of blogs, of course), so don’t waste a single character. Make your posts mean something by including relevant keywords. If you are trying to sell laptops, and your posts talk about “new computer models,” chances are you won’t have the positive results you were looking for.

So the next time you open up Twitter, think before you tweet. What you post in your updates can help increase your effectiveness of web efforts, or hurt them.

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