SEO Fort Collins has never been a search phrase that Red Rocket has focused on, we’ve long been ranked #1 on Google for “SEO Northern Colorado.”  This morning I decided to write a blog post entitled “SEO Fort Collins.”  Would you belive it’s on the first page of Google within 2 hours?  How is that possible?

After all, what phrase is the most competitive phrase on earth?  SEO is, because the guys who know how to rank sites are all competing for that phrase.  So you’d think that getting a page about SEO in Fort Collins would be a rather difficult task.  Especially since there are 137,000 other sites competing for that phrase.  Granted, not all of those 137,000 sites are dedicated to SEO in Fort Collins.  In fact most of them are probably not even about SEO or Fort Collins for that matter, they probably just mention something that’s related.  It could be a site that offers information about restaurants in Fort Collins.  Or maybe there’s a site that’s dedicated to rentals in Fort Collins.  Perhaps there are a bunch of SEO companies in Fort Collins, but to be fair, not all 137,000 sites are specifically about SEO Fort Collins.

SEO in Fort Collins is a rather competitive business.  That’s why even I was surprised to see my blog post on the first page of Google within just 2 hours. I figured that since we’ve ranked well for related phrases, like “SEO Northern Colorado” that we’d have an easier time getting our content listed on page one for a new phrase like “SEO in Fort Collins” or other Fort Collins related phrases like “Fort Collins Search Engine Optimization” but this was too easy.

SEO Fort Collins may be competitive, but here are a couple secrets that I’ll let you in on, even though the competition may be reading this.

SEO Secret #1:  Content is still king on the Internet.  You have to develop quality content that people want to read.   And it has to be written in a way that Google likes it too.  If you cater to one or the other, the site will fail.  So don’t ignore either audience.

SEO secret #2:  Blog.  Blog.  Blog.  There’s a reason why the word blog has become known as an acronym for Better Listings On Google.   Google loves to see frequent changes to your site and what better way to do it than blog posts.  Blogging is easy and it’s fast.  If every time Google visits your site to read your content they find new stuff, then they’ll come back more and more and before you know it, you can post a comment and it will be found on Google within minutes.  That’s why my article “SEO Fort Collins” was getting traffic within 2 hours.   If the same article were posted to a site that never changes, then it may not have been found on Google for months.  It takes time though.  Don’t expect to start blogging and see the results right away.  It takes dedication.  And it doesn’t hurt to be an expert that can talk endlessly about your expertise.

SEO Secret #3: Link Building.  Google likes to see lots of links pointing to your site from other sites.  They see  it as an indication that other sites like your site, so why shouldn’t they like it too?  Depending on your competition, you may need to get a handful of links or you may need to get thousands of links.  If you’re looking for a local audience right in Fort Collins, then your competition won’t be as great as if you want to attract people from around the globe.

If you’d like to meet sometime and talk about how Red Rocket can help with your SEO efforts, please give us a call at 970-674-0079.  Best of luck with your Fort Collins SEO!

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