Lately at Red Rocket we’ve been thinking a lot about the best ways for businesses to spend their money, especially in regards to internet marketing and a website marketing plan. The main question seems to be something like, “What works?” Of course the answer is different for everyone depending on your business, but we have found some common themes.

Today I found an interesting chart from Lightspeed Research and that speaks to the main question. Based on a survey of US Internet users, they compiled a list of the actions brands can take to be relevant to their customers.

So, what works? Value. First where customers feel it the most–their pocket book–with discounts. Then, with content that customers care about: ideas, news, articles, tools, and people that interest them or help them do or get what they value. This means that the question you should be asking for your website marketing plan is now in the vein of, “What do my customers value?” and “What would my customers be interested in getting or doing?” Then, build your plan from there.

The overall lesson here? Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. If your customers spend all day on the computer, then you should consider a social media application. But if your customers rarely touch a computer, Twitter and Facebook should probably be put of  a few years for your company. However, a well-placed banner ad online may be a great strategy for you to catch your customers the few moments they are online. Again, be guided by your answers to what your customers value.

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