Want to know the real reason you’re failing? It’s your approach to success.

We sabotage ourselves not through fear or lack of trying, but through our own resistance to success.  What? Surely you’re pondering what other monolithic creature could possibly be keeping you from achieving success.

What about available resources? What about external factors beyond your control? What about simply being inspired?

Our own resistance, as it turns out, is a silent assassin. Resistance works its way into our lives in a variety of ways, often under the guise of being our friend. We justify our own procrastination.  It is our own resistance that distracts us from completing tasks, even if only for a couple of minutes here or 30-seconds there.

The problem is that once you get a taste, you’re hooked.  Eventually these small tasks snowball into something unmanageable.  Now, you have that monolithic creature you were looking for.

How to overcome resistance

Just do it.  Much like the Nike slogan, there’s a lot of truth to just getting things done.

Consciously setting aside time is the best way to combat your own procrastination. In fact, it’s the only way to overcome being distracted. The simple act of sitting down and focusing can do wonders. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you limit distractions.

Another way in which you can strive toward greatness is beating your own goals. Forget everyone else.  Quit trying to compete with other people. You will never be number one if you’re trying to fight off all your competition.  Your competition is a distraction.

Focus on what you are doing and your own performance.  Try to beat your personal accomplishments. Make them just a little better each time. Once you’ve done that, do it again.

You will be surprised at how efficient this is, not only at getting better results, but also at achieving authenticity.

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