Choosing the proper password that you can not only remember and secure is not always easy to do. Some people use automatically generated passwords and others use their first born’s name followed by the number 1. Unfortunately, neither end up working because the auto-generated password is too difficult to remember or when written down are lost, and the name of your child is not secure.

Stay away from easy words to translate or random phrases. Instead let’s focus on how to properly manage your password so you can effectively remember it and it is safe and secure. Use a word that comes to mind or phrase that can be repeated and try memorizing the word. Try mixing letters with numbers and vise versa as this will create a more secure password. Changing out letters and numbers is easier to remember and translate.

Memorizing does not always work and If you need to write this down keep it in your pocket or wallet. That way you will always have them even when you are on a different computer. Also, try not to use the same password for multiple uses. Choose passwords that are relevant to that particular theme or specification. This will help you associate which password goes with which usage.

Also, remember to change your password regularly. Every three months and at least one year.

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