It’s no secret. When it comes to web design, gone are the days of being stuck with only a handful of font choices. Sorry Arial, you have been dethroned. That’s right. We no longer have to look to Comic Sans to solve our toughest design issues (just kidding. Comic Sans IS a design issue). And with the advent of Google web fonts, pairing fonts for effective web design has become even easier.

I just wanted to throw out a few of my favorite pairs for your consideration. Too view these go to the Google web fonts page and search for the names.

Lobster & Cabin
These two fonts play very nice together and read well too; not too mention that they are just plain fun.


Allan and Cardo
If you are the least bit inclined to use Comic Sans, stop what you’re doing and try Allan instead. After that pair it with Cardo instead of Times and you’ll have a web design to be proud of.
See, fonts are great and pairing the right ones can make for very effective web design.

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