Our Web Design Company is passionate about staying on top of the latest technology.  Ask around and Aaron’s talking about his new TV.  Adrian is talking about getting a new Mac.  Jennifer is loving her Wii.  But nothing can compare to the wow factor the first time you try chacha, especially since it’s free.

Try this, from your cell phone call 1-800-224-2242.  Ask any question and in minutes you’ll get a text message back telling you the answer.  Our web design company has tried to stump them but have not been able to yet.   We’ve asked about squirrel trivia and lizard trivia and about the history of coffee shops.  You’d think that they’d have a hard time with local things but they still find the answers within minutes.  We’ve tried asking them about Fort Collins history, Fort Collins restaurants and where to get particular products in Fort Collins.   They just keep giving accurate answers to obscure questions.  Their research team rocks.   We’ll stump them some day!

Chadd Bryant

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