There.  I said it.  I’ve never been a fan of Facebook but now it’s official.   It’s practically blasphemous for the owner of a website design company to admit that but it’s true.  Now that Google+ is up and running, I’m proud to come out and say it.  Facebook stinks.  Google+ has such a clean, streamlined interface.  Finally, an interface that I don’t have to struggle to understand.  I know right where everything is.  It’s so intuitively designed that I just got it, from the first day.  It’s not that I’m just ignorant.  I’ve even flown to California to take a 3-day Facebook class.  If it takes you 3 days to learn how to use a website, it’s too complicated.  There will never be the need for a 3-day Google+ class.  Watch a 3 minute video and you’re good to go.

As long as I’m ranting, why on earth does every company feel compelled to try and drive traffic to their Facebook page?  Come on people.  I got an email this morning from ExpressToll, the toll booth company managing C470 in Denver.  They’re trying to get me to follow them on Facebook.  Do you really think that I want  to follow a toll booth company on Facebook?  Who cares about their updates?  We joked that their updates might look like this:  “Oh, there goes a black car.  Green car.  Slug bug.”  If you’re going to use Facebook, make sure that your constituents are actually interested in following your updates.

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