Its true. WordPress offers a plethera of plugins that claim to mobilize your WordPress site. Its also true that many of these plugins have merit and work well with a large number of WordPress sites.

That said, plugins sometimes cause more problems than they are worth.

If you find yourself hitting your head against the wall because none of the WordPress plugins are working for you, here are a two plugin-free to improve your website’s mobile functionality.

  1. Build a stripped down version of your site using HTML5 and mobile CSS techniques on the mobile jQuery framework – Sounds complex doesn’t it? Do not stress. Find tutorials and examples here.
  2. Install a simplified version of your WordPress site on a sub-domain (be sure to noindex the mobile URL so duplicate content does not kill your SEO!). Remove popups, simplify navigation, use mobile friend CSS and remove resource hungry media such as video and advertisements. Also, be sure to redirect mobile users to your mobile optimized site. Find instructions on how to do so by clicking here.

Over the next two weeks I will be explaining each of these options in detail. Stayed tuned.

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